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About BayJet Military Sales.

BayJet Military Sales - Division of Conquest Machine.

BayJet Military Sales is dedicated to quality. A primary reason for our success in the defense contracting arena. Our quality program is practiced as an everyday way of life by our employees and managers. We believe that quality is an inherent part of supplying defense hardware and services, rather than a service unique unto itself. BayJet Inc and our sister company Conquest Machine specialize in giving aging systems new life by providing kits and assemblies to maintain overhaul and modify proven DOD equipment


History BayJet was formed in 1972 and is located in Las Cruces, NM. BayJet was one of the first small business suppliers of overhaul kits and components to the Department of Defense. BayJet has successfully completed over 12,000 prime contracts.



Conquest Machine, Inc. A complete quality manufacturing operation with turning, milling, rubber-to-metal bonding, rubber molding, sheet metal, stamping, precision assembly and testing capability. www.conquestmachine.com



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